Services Offered

Refrigeration, Water, Gas, and Process Piping

All our highly skilled and certified pipefitters have graduated from a five year apprenticeship program. They command a firm understanding of all the latest technology advancements and were trained in the most state of the art facilities you can find anywhere. At American Pride Mechanical Inc. we know how to get from point A to B and get things flowing!


Our greatest strength and where we shine the brightest. We know just how valuable and delicate perishable assets can be, Many nationwide food retailers, producers, and distributors entrust us with their services and so can you.

All Types of HVAC Systems

From large to small, we service them all. All makes, all models, and all applications are what we prepare for. There’s no need to ever feel trapped into using some manufacturer’s over priced service branch, or worry if the technician has every seen a unit like yours. Our highly diversified crew can speak your equipment’s language and knows how to keep you in that just right climate zone you’re looking for.

Time and Materials Service

We work both harder and smarter to deliver you the most competitively priced professional services you’ll find anywhere. Know that should you be seeking time and materials based services, on a case by case basis, our dedicated team will always strive to deliver maximum value. We welcome you to shop our rates against our competition as they are typically 8-15% less. That’s real savings you can believe in!

Service Contacts

Flexibility and stability are just a couple advantages to a well designed service contract. We would be delighted to discuss your unique service needs and sculpt a service contract that’s a perfect fit for you. The combinations of exclusions and coverage are limitless and can be custom tailored to fit your specific desires, needs, and fiscal goals.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections

We have all heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but amazingly preventative maintenance is still all too frequently over looked. Heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment is one of the largest investments in most businesses. Preventative maintenance inspections are the surest way to extend your valuable equipments life span, decrease energy consumption, and enhance over all reliability. The average air conditioning compressor costs over $3500.00 to replace, where as 6 month maintenance inspections start at as little as $500. The choice is yours. Will you be proactive or reactive?

Energy Management

We say, ‘GO GREEN AND SAVE GREEN!’ With Rising energy costs, energy management is at the forefront of everyone’s business plan now more than ever. Energy management technologies have made major strides in recent years and coupled with current rebate programs and incentives, now might be the best time ever to see what our team of energy experts can do for you. The rate of return on investment has never been better. You might find yourself asking how you can afford NOT to take advantage of these technologies. From the latest high efficiency equipment, to DDC controls, to advanced lighting technologies, to FREE hot water, our staff has the answers to trim all your utility bills.

Welding and Custom Metal Fabrication

Need something from out of the ordinary to extraordinary? We can fabricate custom metal creations for specialty applications. Whether it’s beam decking or stainless steel wraps we’ve got you covered. Call us for your next one of a kind metal project and you too can expect superior results as unique as your imagination.

Sheet Metal and Duct Work

Thinking of replacing existing equipment, expanding and adding new equipment, or even just reconfiguring your current layout? You will be glad to know that one call does it all. With American Pride Mechanical there’s no need to search for a separate metal contractor. We can revise, replace, or augment your ductwork in no time.

Design Build

Busy professionals and customers who know what they want but would also like a little help in “connecting the dots” can take advantage of our design build services. Put our fifty plus years of construction experience to work for you and watch all your visions seamlessly become reality.

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